Athens Area 2-1-1/United Appeal Community Resources Guide, Dec. 2018

There is a variety of resources available in Athens County, compiled by 2-1-1. the United Appeal for Athens County. The .pdf list is here.


Emergency Wallet card

Recently, a TAV member was in hospital. We wanted to contact her health power of attorney, but we didn’t know who that person was. That issue got resolved, but it got us thinking. Would you download and fill in this card, then return it to the office? We will laminate the card and mail it back to you. Then you can keep the card in your wallet or purse, and it’s available at need. This is a Letter-sized sheet with 4 copies of the form.


Advance Directives for Ohio residents

Advance directives are legal forms to fill out, stating your clear wishes in case of emergency when you cannot speak for yourself. You can declare Do Not Resuscitate under specific circumstances, advise of your willed body arrangements, or other end-of-life statements that others need to know. Most of these should be filled out, notarized, and filed with the local hospital. At O'Bleness, you give the original forms to the Medical Records office. Your children should know of these documents and where you keep them. Your primary physician should have a copy in his/her file. Your bank needs to know about your power-of-attorney arrangements also.
We would like to have a copy in your file in the Village office, too. ☺
Ohio Durable Power of Attorney
Ohio General Power of Attorney
Ohio Limited Power of Attorney
Ohio Medical Power of Attorney, a.k.a. Power of Attorney for Health Care
Ohio Power of Attorney Revocation, in case you change your mind about who you want in charge
Ohio Living Will; this includes the Do Not Resuscitate orders and under what circumstances.


Please assist First Responders to assist you

Please assist Athens County 911 first responders and fill out this form to register your landline and cellphone numbers, and to notify first responders of any special health conditions in your household (bedridden or unable to move from chair, need for oxygen, hearing aids, eyeglasses, location of medicines, etc.) which could easily be scooped up in case of emergency If First Responders Only Knew.
Go to http://athens911.com/, click on the pinkish Enhanced 9-1-1 Read More button on the right-hand side of the screen, and fill out the form which appears. In the “Briefly describe” box, tell the first responders where your spare front-door key is hidden (taped inside the mailbox, under the striped flowerpot, etc.). Then Submit the form by clicking the yellow button at the bottom. You will be doing yourself and your loved ones a favor by filling out this form. Thanks!


Free residential fire inspection

The Athens City Fire Department is now offering a free, voluntary residential fire inspection program for owner-occupied properties inside the Athens City limits. The department already inspects all businesses and residential rental properties in the city. The program gives homeowners the opportunity to have a trained professional identify fire safety issues, as well as make suggestions about potential hazards, smoke detector placement and escape routes in the event of a fire.
To schedule a survey, call the Athens Fire Department at 740-592-3301. Appointments are available on weekdays, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Key Safes for Residences

A member was recently asking about "key safes," which are locked boxes on the outside of your home which hold a key to the front door. If/When first responders come to your home and need to enter, if they can key into your home, then there is no need to damage the door or windows by breaking them. Two critical points are: 1) how to advise the Fire Department where the key is and how to access it; and 2) obtaining and installing said box. Please check out this information. If you decide you want the Fire Department's key safe, please go to the main office on Columbus Rd. (best to call first, 740-592-3301), and fill out the form. You can choose what equipment you want to purchase.

There are currently 100 members of the village.
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