2016 Board of Directors

John Barrington, Edward Baum, Jack Flemming, Don Fucci, Steven Grimes, Ellsworth Holden, Anita James, Joyce Lewis, Georgann Penson, Steve Pierson, Louis Wright.
A picture of the 2016 board will be posted as soon as we can get all members together at one time.



Ed Baum, Pres.              


Anita James, Sec.            


Steven Grimes, Treas.


Dir Vilage Op

Gregg Andrews, Executive Director of Village Operations

Forms for end-of-life issues, valid in the State of Ohio

These forms come from http://powerofattorney.com/. Ohio Power of Attorney documents allow for the medical and financial representation of a person through the actions and responsibilities as written in the form. Its primary intended use is for elderly loved ones who have the possibility of one day not being able to think for themselves. No one can ever know in advance whether he or she will become incapacitated due to illness, advanced age, or through an accident.
In Ohio there are two main forms to cover in the chance of mental incapacity; they are the Durable Power of Attorney for Finances and the Advance Directive (Medical). Under Ohio Law (Chapter 1337 of the Uniform Commercial Code) all documents of this nature must be signed with a notary public’s acknowledgment or two (2) witnesses.
For your convenience, here are the forms in .pdf format. The forms need to be downloaded, printed, filled out and signed. Don't forget the requirement of a notary and witness signatures. These documents should be on file at O'Bleness and your local hospitals. If you spend time away from Athens, maybe at a vacation residence out-of-state, these powers of attorney should be on file at those hospitals also. A few TAV members have chosen to keep copies of these powers of attorney in their physical TAV files, so that interested parties can access the documents in a hurry.

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