Templates for starting difficult conversations

TAV member Jane Woodrow found a Stanford letter writing project that gives templates for letters to write to family and doctors, advanced directives etc. https://med.stanford.edu/letter/about.html. This might help to get difficult conversations started.


Research Subjects Over 70 Sought at Ohio University

Are you age 70 or older? Help answer research questions about muscle loss and aging. For more information, please download and read this flyer, then call 740-566-9873 or email CTRU@ohio.edu.


The Athens Village in The Athens News

You may have seen an article in the July 25, 2016 Athens News on page 12. The article contains information about The Athens Village, and quotes from Ed Baum, Patty Mercer and Gregg Andrews. You can download a .pdf of the article here.


Hearing Aid Interest Group

The Hearing Aid Interest Group, facilitated by TAV member Dick Dean, helps potential and actual hearing aid wearers to better understand hearing loss and hearing aids. Group interest dictates the topic. Click here for Dick's in-progress website. This is another means of sharing information with actual or potential hearing aid users.

  • Next meeting: Second Monday of every month
  • 2 p.m. ACEnet, 94 Columbus Road, Conf. Room B
  • This session is open to the public. Come, and invite a friend!


Senior Opportunities

This is a listing of senior opportunities in Athens County. Click here to see it.


Ohio University Respite Volunteer Program

Are you a caretaker in Athens County needing respite? Here is a free program for which you might qualify.


NBC channel 4 in Columbus: Report on Alzheimer's disease

A TAV member noted that a news anchor, Colleen Marshall, at Channel 4 in Columbus, hosted a special report about Alzheimer's disease and its effect on both the patient and his/her family. The report can be downloaded here. Ms Marshall's mother had Alzheimer's, as does a parent of NBC channel 4 weatherman, Ben Gelber. Along with other people, they discussed the struggles, and spoke of housing options and assisted living. The report aired Dec. 2, 2015.


Resources available for borrowing from The Athens Village office

Cyber-seniors DVD cover

There are a number of printed and A-V resources in The Athens Village office. One of the more recent is the 2014 DVD, "Cyber-Seniors." This is a 75-minute documentary about a 2009 project that two sisters devised to keep in touch with their grandparents. The sisters had witnessed firsthand how learning to use the Internet had transformed their grandparents’ lives. After learning some basic skills, their grandparents were in touch several times a week by email, Facebook and Skype. The Internet was instrumental in keeping their family connected despite busy schedules and living in different cities. Inspired by this realization, the sisters started the Cyber-Seniors program to help other seniors get online. The "Cyber-Seniors" documentary is an inspiring example of the wonderful things that can happen when generation gaps are bridged and new ways of connecting are explored.

  • ⦿ TAV members are encouraged to host a "viewing party" in their homes, then discuss the content.
  • ⦿ The office welcomes suggestions for other DVDs to purchase for group discussions.

Summary of Sept. 29, 2016 Annual Meeting

The Athens Village conducted the annual meeting of the entire membership. This year, due to the change in the calendar approved by membership last year, the meeting was held in late September rather than the previous October gatherings. We were again at the Richland United Methodist Church. Following a delicious potluck dinner, President Ed Baum made introductions and announcements. Secretary Anita James presented minutes from the 2015 meeting, which were approved and adopted. The State of the Village was presented by Patty Mercer, Executive Director Emerita and Gregg Andrews, Executive Director. Treasurer Steve Grimes provided a current update of the 2015/16 budget as well as the 2016/17 TAV budget. Additional business with amendments to the Code of Regulations were adopted. Board member elections were held. Continuing nominees Georgann Penson and Don Fucci were seated on the board as were new members Steve Pierson and Louis Wright. An enjoyable round of “Table Talks” provided ideas for programs & services. After a brief question and answer period, the meeting was adjourned. Next year's Annual Meeting will be in late September, 2017. Written by Gregg Andrews


2nd Annual Senior Safety Day, Thurs May 19, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Athens County Fairgrounds

Senior Safety Day logo
May is Older Americans Month across the nation. Athens County highlighted this celebration with Athens County Senior Safety Day on Thursday, May 19, 10 a.m.—2 p.m. at the Athens County Fairgrounds. Many groups from around Athens County have been working for months to plan a fun and informational event for everyone. Download a brochure here, or here.
   Information and Services Offered
  •     > Door Prizes    >Free Giveaways
        > Home Safety    > Medical Screenings
        > Vehicle Safety Inspections    > Emergency Preparedness
        > Crime Prevention    > Special Needs and Mass Transportation
        > Regional Senior Resources    > Free Lunch

The Athens Village had an Information Table. The theme was “Make Retirement Sweeter— Join The Athens Village.” We gave away cookies in addition to sharing information about community resources, aging and our organization. Three TAV volunteers donated cookies, and four volunteers joined Patty & Susan at the table.


Athens Area 2-1-1/United Appeal events. May 2016

There is a variety of events happening in Athens County in summer 2016, specifically designated for seniors. The list of events is here. Also, here's a list of "Healthy Living Resources in Athens County"


Dr. Brooke Hallowell new book launch, April 12, 2016

2016 book cover

Brooke Hallowell, a good friend of The Athens Village, has been writing a new text on aphasia for the last few years. It's now published! Aphasia and Other Acquired Neurogenic Language Disorders: A Guide for Clinical Excellence, ISBN 978-1597564779, Plural Publishing, Inc. Congratulations, Dr. Hallowell! The launch party was on Thursday, April 14, starting at 7 p.m. We are very proud of Dr. Hallowell and hope for the very best.


Tech Fair at APL on 3/18/2016

The Tech Fair at the Athens Public Library, in conjunction with an Athens High School social studies class, was a success, after a slow start. High-school students set up individual consulting sessions with anyone from the community who had a tech question. Some people wanted to know how to send the photos they took on their iPhone. A TAV member learned to use her tablet device to read books. Click here to see the Messenger article. Several participating students said that they would enjoy continuing to help you with any technical puzzle that you have. Call the office (740-447-0500) to make the connection.


Open House at the new offices of The Athens Village, Thurs., March 17

About 10 TAV members came to 94 Columbus Road to enjoy socializing, see the new and expanded office of TAV, and enjoy "green" foods (green grapes, pita and guacamole, chocolate chips with mint flavoring) with a nod to St. Patrick's Day.


02/26/2016: Brown Bag, Upgrade Athens County

Sarah Conley-Ballew and Temi Bannister from Upgrade Athens informed a small but enthusiastic group of Athens Villagers about the progress that Upgrade Athens has made since the previous presentation about a year ago. Sarah spoke of the progress made in various aspects of energy-saving in Athens County, and Temi conferred individually with TAV members with other questions. The venue was at the Athens Public Library; the weather was cold with snow squalls; but the information was warmly received, with spirited discussions.


Potluck lunch with international students

On a cold and snowy Saturday, February 13, five hardy TAV members and about 18 or 20 international students met at the ACEnet campus for lunch. Everyone had a wonderful time, and with such good food! One attending TAV member, Sara Gilfert, said that she very much enjoyed the lunch, and wished that more TAV members would come to these occasions. The students seemed to appreciate the opportunity to meet with another generation. Several students expressed surprise that so many TAV members had travelled abroad.
The next OPIE lunch was Sat., March 12. The weather was lovely, so attendance was down because both students and TAV members were out enjoying the lovely weather. Bonnie Prince, TAV member, noted that although the number of students and TAV members was down from the previous potluck, it was nice to have more individual and in-depth conversations with the students.
The next OPIE lunch planned for Sat., April 9 (in conference room C [yellow door] at ACEnet, 94 Columbus Rd.), HAS BEEN CANCELLED. There are too many other activities on campus this weekend.


01/28/2016 Brown Bag, Jenifer Lane from the Alzheimer's Association

Jenifer Lane, from the Alzheimer's Association, met with a lively group of TAV members on Thurs., Jan. 28, from noon to 2 p.m. In particular, Jenifer reviewed Know the 10 signs of Alzheimer's and the 8 myths about Alzheimer's disease. A couple of OU students starting on their internship also came, and joined the group. A discussion of experiences with Alzheimer's patients, both happy and sad, ensued.


Athens City water rates to increase from Jan. 1, 2016

This notice was posted on the City of Athens website on Dec. 1, 2015:
"As provided by the Athens City Code 5.01.02, we are advising customers of a 5.5% increase in Athens City water rates effective January 1, 2016. This increase is a result of long term capital improvement planning for future debt as we implement these improvements.
"Planned improvements include life safety upgrades at the water treatment plant as well as a new well in our wellfield protection area along with distribution system capital improvements that are critical to providing quality water to our citizens." Source: http://www.ci.athens.oh.us/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1108.


12/07/2015 : "Emergency Response Systems" special TAV seminar

This seminar developed from TAV members wondering "How do I choose the right ERS for me?" and "What happens after I press the button?"


12/03/2015: Brown Bag: "I ♥ My Organization," presentations by TAV members about organizations they love & support

♥ Sara Gilfert talked about Paper Circle, which is located on the Public Square in Nelsonville. This gallery/workshop anchors the organization for the Nelsonville summer children’s arts program “Circle 'Round the Square.” The gallery's director, Barbara Campagnola, was also present.
♥ Jane Woodrow talked about Rural Action, a wide-ranging group that affects the lives of many people and the environment in southeast Ohio. One of Rural Action's founders, Carol Kuhre, was also present.
♥ Zach Holl, the executive director of ReUse Industries, talked about upcoming projects they are hosting. He welcomes participation of TAV members.
» Both Paper Circle and ReUse were started with funding, advice and/or assistance from Rural Action. The harmony of these three presentations was fitting for this season of giving.


10/29/2015 Brown Bag presentation: F.A.N.s by David McNelly

The October Brown Bag presenter was David McNelly, LSW, MSW, Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Here are David's presentation materials. To become a F.A.N. (Friend, Ally and Neighbor) and help people with disabilities connect to their community, the first step is to complete the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LCCP2DZ. This pilot project presently serves 20, ages 10 to 60. Additional information is also available at FANs@athenscbdd.org or by calling David at 740-592-6006, ext. 241.


Senior Opportunities

This is a listing of senior opportunities in Athens County. Click here to see it.
Also, United Appeal of Athens County has prepared a guide to resources in Athens County for the Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Year-End Holidays, including dates & places of Halloween activities, various food & clothing drives, and contests & exhibitions.


Healthcare in Athens County

The 2-1-1 Service in Athens has prepared a comprehensive list of healthcare opportunities in Athens County. A version is available by clicking here. Note that it does not include a listing of individual doctors or other healthcare professionals.


Mental Healthcare in Athens County

The 2-1-1 Service in Athens has prepared a comprehensive list of mental healthcare opportunities in Athens County. A version is available by clicking here. Note that it does not include a listing of individual doctors or other mental healthcare professionals.


Golden Buckeye card list of discounts in Athens County

This list is from the Golden Buckeye website. It lists, by town or village, all discounts or services offered in Athens County to Golden Buckeye card holders. Just show your card for the discount! Click here to download. If you want to check out other counties' discounts, the website is http://www.aging.ohio.gov/goldenbuckeye/


02/26/2015 Brown Bag: Being Mortal

At the Feb. 26, 2015, Brown Bag Lunch, Sue Erlewine discussed Atul Gawande's Being Mortal. Here is an outline of her presentation together with notes made by one of those in attendance. Click here to see it.


Medicare: “Wow! So much to learn!” Special presentation on 9/30/2015

TAV members had an educational session with Alicia Nighland from the Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP) on Wed., Sept 30. OPERS, with which some TAV members have their health insurance, will discontinue its health coverage at the end of December 2015. All OPERS members must find another insurance program. STRS members are not yet in danger of losing their insurance, but… OSHIIP is an educational initiative from the Ohio Department of Insurance, helping any Ohioan navigate the troubled waters and stormy seas of insurance in these times. Ms. Nighland was clear and precise for a mixed audience, with information for everyone. More information is available online.
There is a special link on the website for OPERS members. Look for the blue boxed link.


Community Outreach: presentation to OU Womens' Center, Sept. 17, 2015

Patty Mercer, TAV Director, and Atira Parker, 2015 Social Work intern from OU, presented information about The Athens Village to a small but very interested group at the Women's Center in Baker Center on Thursday Sept, 17, 2015.
Here's a photo of the occasion. Photo credit to Atira Parker.


Community Outreach: TAV supports American Heart Association fundraiser at O'Bleness Tricycle Race, August 15, 2015

The "Active Agers" (Anita James, Claudia Hale, Patty Mercer) competed in a charity race to raise funds for the American Heart Association. Here's a photo of the event. Photo credit to Mark Clavin of WOUB.


Community Outreach, Senior Safety Day, May 15, 2015

Many Athens-area agencies gathered on a cold May 21 at the Athens County Fairgrounds to show what they had to offer seniors to keep them safe in their homes or on the streets. Photos from the TAV table available by clicking here.


Blocking Robocalls and Potential Scams

TAV members have recently reported potential scam phone calls. Here are some tips gleaned from the Athens County Sheriff's department and other sources:

  • • Julie Brown, Ph. D., presented the components of personal emergency response systems, and suggested a few points to consider when a system is being considered. Here is her PowerPoint© presentation. A discussion group can be organized, if members wish. Please contact the office at 740-447-0500 or theathensvillage@gmail.com
  • • Dan Pfeiffer, director of emergency communications for Athens County, explained what 9-1-1 does when a call comes in. He asked all members to fill out an Emergency Response Registration form. This secure form gives first responders critical information about your house, your access (or lockbox combination), any medical information that is needed (e.g. oxygen in use, bed-ridden resident) and other information that would help first responders when they arrive at your home in an emergency.
  • • Ms Paula Horan-Moseley, Service-Safety Director for the City of Athens, showed some information on the Athens City webpage, and encouraged all Athens County residents to fill out an Alert Athens County form. This form subscribes residents to receive police, emergency, weather or other city information (you can choose what to receive) by e-mail or cellphone text.
  • • Lane Hoisington, TAV handyman, showed a couple of outside lockboxes in which a homeowner can keep the spare key. You, the homeowner, give the lockbox combination to first responders via the Emergency Response Registration form above. First responders can access the lockbox and unlock a door, rather than breaking it down.

  • You can call your landline provider to be put on a call-blocking service. One emerging service is called “Nomorobo,” or [https://www.nomorobo.com/signup]. There is often a charge for this service.
    There are also apps for your cellphone to block calls, but you need to provide the phone numbers to block. There is usually a charge for these apps.
    The Athens County Sheriff’s department will take your report. Please call 740-593-6633.

There are currently 100 members of the village.
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